We all like to look and feel our best, but sometimes the hectic pace of modern-day living makes it almost impossible to balance work, family, friends and exercise.

Spa treatments are a wonderful way to help re-invigorate tired and aching limbs, de-stress and re-set your mind and body.

Corporate Personal Fitness (CPF), one of the country’s leading providers of sports therapy and fitness programmes, offers a full range of therapies and treatments right here at Business Central. From relaxing massages to reflexology, facials and dietary advice.

Each treatment has been tailored to give clients the maximum benefit in the minimum amount of time with sessions from 15 minutes to one hour.

Services on offer:

Many have been tailored to help deal with the stresses and strains experienced by businessmen and women.

One of the biggest threats if you are a deskbound executive is repetitive strain injury, also known as upper limb disorder. Once mainly associated with keyboards and telephones, RSI is on the rise again due to the increasing use of tablets and smartphones. According to the TUC, six people quit their job every day due to the chronic effects of RSI.

CPF’s experts have devised a 15-minute hand and arm massage that helps prevent or alleviate the symptoms of RSI and a 30 minute back and neck massage to reduce aches and strains caused by bad posture. It’s even possible to have a remedial, deep tissue or relaxation massage while sat at a chair.

Business Central, in partnership with CPF and their brand new Micro-Spa, hopes such services right on your office doorstep will be beneficial for those suffering with aches and pains from the day’s work, or those that just want to relax.

All treatments can be booked via CPF’s simple-to-use smartphone app and prices start from just £12.50.