Open Space; drop in, sit down, start work

Open Space

Open Space

By Vanessa Wood

More and more people are parting ways with their traditional working environment in favour of accessing space as and when they need it.

After a successful year of having the Open Space at the North East Business and Innovation Centre (BIC) we replicated this model here at Business Central. It remains the perfect answer for businesses who desire a prestigious place to work from but don’t require their own dedicated full time offices.

Based on the principles of co-working it is the ideal environment for self-employed professionals as well as business owners allowing this option to employees. Freelancers, web and IT consultants, accountants, HR specialists, marketing experts are just some of the frequent users of the facilities.

It is not just about the location and surroundings but also about the social interaction and the support network it can provide. Co-working seeks to change the existing rules of work. Enabling business owners and employees to work in a more unconventional but still very productive way.

According to co-working spaces have doubled within the last year with over 2000 spaces now worldwide. Why, because the way people work is changing, and depending on if they are starting up or testing the market in an area, it’s not always suitable to use their home space, coffee shop or service station to give them the professional image they need.

Instead they are leaving all these models behind in search of alternative work strategies. They are looking for something which offers the flexibility of premises without the contractual restrictions. Working alone can be incredibly lonely but in these changing and exciting times it needn’t be.

For information on how your employees could benefit from our Open Space call me on 01325 526006.

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