March Meeting Room Special Offer – T&Cs

How to use your discount code:

• Booking enquiries can be made by calling main reception on 01325 734871, Business Central’s Twitter, Facebook, or Linked In pages or submitted by e-mail to:

Terms & Conditions

• Only one entry per person/company is allowed.
• The discount can only be used on a new meeting room booking made from 1st- 31st March to be used for an April meeting room booking date.
• It is subject to room availability, and requires booking in advance.
• There will be 1 guaranteed car parking space for the organiser.
• Disabled parking is available on site as well as at other nearby alternatives.
• The hours must be booked during reception opening times so does not include evenings or weekends.
Payment must be made prior to booking date by phone or by bank transfer.
• A booking form must be completed to confirm the booking.
• Any Buffets or other services must be paid for separately in advance.
• Tea & Coffee, stationery and Wi-Fi is included in room costs.
• Applications form NEBIC or Chetaru employees will not be eligible.
• This offer is not transferable.

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