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Six technological tools that’s enhancing the offshore industry


By Andy Stevenson, Managing Director of Ardmore Craig As a business working in the subsea sector – typically on quick turnaround projects – here at Ardmore Craig we’re familiar with the use of technology to develop and supply designs for innovative offshore products. Manufactured from customised fabrications in high strength steel and with mechanical components, bespoke products can… Read more »

Darlington travel planning firm helps businesses save money and gets kids healthier

Nick Butler at Business Central

A Darlington business has partnered with a scheme backed by the Department for Transport (DfT) to encourage smarter and healthier travel planning. The firm, PWLC Projects LLP, are a transport consultancy and have an office in Darlington’s Business Central and in London. Working throughout the country with schools and businesses, their sixteen members of staff… Read more »

Protecting your business

By Andy Davis, Trident Manor Limited How many people think protecting their business means having a lock, alarm and maybe CCTV at their premises? It may be that these steps are sufficient to protect from a burglary, at least for a short period of time, but do they really protect your business? They do provide… Read more »

Survival of the fittest – 3 tips to future-proof your business

By Caroline Hinde, Caroline Hinde Accountancy To live a long and healthy life we’re told it’s all about eating well and exercising – we do it and it works. So that deals with our bodies, but what about our businesses – how do we look after them? There is a never-ending list of tactics we can… Read more »

NWD expands with new Darlington office

NWD Accountancy

NWD Accountancy are celebrating a successful year with a move to new premises in Darlington. Founded by Nicola Waters-Davies in 2015, NWD Accountancy previously operated from Nicola’s home until an increase in clients led to a need for additional staff and a larger office space in a professional environment. Now located within Business Central on… Read more »


Darlington Business Club at Mowden Park Rugby Club

Following the huge success of last year’s event, which delivered the biggest and busiest show yet, DL Business Expo returns on 17th May 2018. DL Business Expo provides a unique opportunity for local businesses to showcase their products and services and is a great networking opportunity for the local business community. Last year’s DL Business… Read more »


Micro spa Darlington

We all like to look and feel our best, but sometimes the hectic pace of modern-day living makes it almost impossible to balance work, family, friends and exercise. Spa treatments are a wonderful way to help re-invigorate tired and aching limbs, de-stress and re-set your mind and body. But, until now, spa therapies have been… Read more »

3 ways to protect your business and why you need them

By Dan Graham, Client Services Manager, Postcard Financial Planning Limited Every business needs protection. Yet, if research by Royal London – the UK’s largest mutual insurer – is to be believed, you are probably more likely to insure your pet than you are your business. The following statistics predict that, well, you don’t have the… Read more »

Psst…. Did you hear that?

By Jay Graham, G&A Security How many of you get up early morning, rush through coffee and a quick breakfast, sit in rush hour traffic, work for eight hours, go home, and then repeat for the next four days without question? If only criminals worked 9am – 5pm! How many times have you forgotten to… Read more »


Norma Foster

By Norma Foster and Heather Townsend, author of ‘The Go-To Expert’. Do you find that you have good conversations with prospects which never quite seem to lead to paid work? You are not alone! This is one of the most common challenges professional advisors have with their business development. Particularly when they are new to… Read more »